“Of Sea Breeze and Flowers”, a Solo Exhibition by Anjali Mittal

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Anjali Mittal, a self-taught, senior artist recently showcased her works at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi from 1st November to 3rd November, 2019. The exhibition titled “Of Sea Breeze and Flowers” exhibited 31 of her commendable artworks.

“I’ve showcased two series of paintings comprising of the sea and flowers which I created in the year 2019 in a broad stroke. All of my paintings are beautifully created in acrylic with a palette knife and fingers. The collection showcases my sensation of sea breeze and the fragrance of flowers which I have tried to capture,” says the Noida-based artist.

Anjali says she was creatively inclined from the age of 12 and used to copy the various handicrafts on printed papers. As canvas was not so popular in those days, she painted on the backside of the hardboard after rubbing it with sandpaper to make it smooth. Her art teacher also encouraged her to create handmade cards for the Annual Diwali Mela in her school.

“Though fewer people took art seriously at that time, my mother recognized my talent and encouraged me to take art seriously. She wouldn’t disturb me for hours while I paint,” recalls Anjali.

An alumnus of Lady Irwin College, New Delhi, she has undertaken art courses in various institutions like Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. Anjali has been a part of several curated group shows in renounced art galleries like AIFACS in Delhi, Lokayata Art Gallery Delhi, KNK Art Gallery Delhi, Somany Tiles community Centre Haryana, UCHAAN Art Gallery Gurgaon, to name a few.

“I paint whatever I find interesting and wanted to paint blue for a long time. The best thing to do was the sea as it’s cooling and soothing. Then to compensate for the blue color and balance it out, I used different colors to paint flowers in my artworks,” she reflected on her artworks.

 With several prestigious Art camps, workshops and live painting experiences consisting of live painting at Yogshala Expo 2017, Tribal and Rural art workshop 2016, live painting Colorothon 2017, live painting Krishna and cow workshop, live painting at HSSF Gurgaon 2017, to name some of them. She has also participated in painting graffiti for the prestigious Tata Motors International Truck Race in Buddha International Circuit.

 Anjali gets inspiration from her everyday life. For her, art is a therapy and she is constantly painting happiness and vivacity.  She has a varied color pallete with black and white being her favorite. Anjali attributes her growth to her mother, husband, and children.

“I am constantly learning and experimenting with new skills and mediums so that I don’t lag behind. I am looking forward to practice folk art and spread it to other countries. It’s always good to promote Indian mythology and culture and present it vivaciously to the world,” adds Anjali.

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