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Madhubani paintings are one of the oldest and most unique traditional art forms of India. This style of painting is also known as Mithila art as these were originated in the lands of Mithila in the Indian subcontinent. These paintings are known for their bright colors, beauty, and symbolism. Each symbol in the Madhubani paintings has a specific and distinct meaning. Originally, it was made on the walls of the mud houses but now can be created on canvas, handmade paper, and cloth. The colors used in these paintings are mostly hand-made and are derived from natural sources like charcoal and turmeric. Also, people use twigs, matchsticks or fingers to create complex geometrical figures in the painting.

This painting is of the dimensions 12inch x 18 inch and is a brilliant work of the great artist, Madan Kumar Jha in Madhubani art form. This painting depicts a scene from a traditional Indian wedding in which a bride and groom are taking their wedding vows madhubani art.

In earlier times, people painted about the day to day happenings of their life and also about the ceremonies they celebrated. A wedding was considered one of the most pious ceremonies for every community and they painted some scenes about the same on the walls of their houses. In Hindu mythology, there is a great significance of the seven vows taken during a wedding. Each vow has a deep meaning hidden behind it that most of us fail to recognize. The seven vows are the seven promises that the bride and groom make and then they are connected together for seven lifetimes.

Saptapadi or the seven vows contain a gist about the aspirations of an ideal marriage and the marriage is not considered complete without it. The couple makes promises and expresses their willingness to make their marriage life prosperous and successful. These vows consist of all the do’s and don’ts of a happy married life.

Marriage is an everlasting bond and it requires long term commitment from both sides. Madhubani painting wedding vows are an indispensable part of a Hindu wedding and so is its significance. They still hold a prestigious position in our culture and tradition. Even the love marriage these days carried out in the temples in the presence of a priest who helps them take the seven oaths is considered complete. Thus wedding vows hold a great significance in every community and religion.

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