Event start Date : 2016-06-26 | Event End Date : 2016-07-16

In the season of summer vacations and travel to cooler climes, Art Life Gallery has put up a 21-day group art show Wanderlust with 12 talented artists. The artists have let their mind wander into the dreamland. Drifting into imagination, the artists have painted mindscapes in various forms. The show had been inaugurated by former Director General ICCR Suresh Goyal.

Prem Nayar along with Shankari Kundu, Vivek Singh, Dr Nishant Gupta, Ritu Chauhan, Aman Sekhon, Virender Kumar, Yash Verma, Neelam Sachan, Madhur Tyagi, Dr Chitra Singh and Nandita Bhargava.​

“Art is imagination and the artist’s life and their philosophy is reflected in the works, says Pratibha Agarwal, co-founder and director of the Art Gallery and curator of the show.   

Prem Nayar, who has painted the jacks and queens from a card deck says, “Life is a big gamble and every stroke of luck is God’s gift which eggs me on to add more colour to my works.” Incidentally, Nayar migrated to India after the Partition, when he was a little boy.

​Shankari Kundu, who recently shifted to Delhi from Kanpur says, “I have some sweet memories which I have tried to put in my paintings.”

Dr Nishant Gupta, who is a practicing physiotherapist, reflects on his paintings in several ways. He says, “Art is a passion. Simply put art is not about money only. It is about people, ideas, dreams and thoughts.”

“Art is more of a passion and like other businesses its purpose is not to make money only. Simply put, art is about people, ideas, dreams and thoughts. Indeed art that seeks only to churn profit will probably fail, especially during these economically difficult times. Perhaps no ingredient makes art thrive more than a sense of passion,” adds Agarwal.

"I just love to paint, because it makes me realize that life is so beautiful and there is so much to admire and treasure in this world. It also gives me chance to explore new places and learn different cultures and traditions while meet new people that were born and live in different ways than mine. Furthermore, it does not only increase my knowledge but also helps me relax," says Neelam Sachan.

​As Vivek Singh puts it “For me, every travel experience teaches me something new and makes me become a better artist, which I keep reminiscing in my works. ​So, whether you travel in the outside world or you venture within, the beauty that comes out in colours is your treasure for life.


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