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Life freezes in time as photography show, Somewhere Not Here, takes off

Noida, August 5: The Art Life Gallery announces a photography exhibition by four different photographers. This assemblage covers more than 30 works of photography. The participating photographers are Gaurav Gujral, Siddhant Chawla, Lokesh Ohri and Dr Narendra Gupta.

The exhibition presents the oeuvre of contemporary Indian photographers to the audiences. Some of the works that have been acquired by the gallery are likely to be sent for display in some private US art galleries.

The photographs of Siddhant Chawla, who is Mumbai-based have a strong element of surprise because of the diversity of their subjects such as fashion, reportage, photographic essays, urban and rural landscapes as well as portraits. Better known as a fashion photographer, Siddhant Chawla is fast being noted for his photographic essays and his precise observations of hidden contexts.

In the same fashion, Gaurav Gujral's work has to be seen within the social context of the present time. His pictures express a critical analysis of the reality during the present times. Gujral, who used to live in USA, understands photography not merely as a method of depiction but rather as a medium through which he can shed light on reality while constantly interpreting and commenting on the circumstances. Thus, the peculiar details of his photographs become symbols that reflect subtly stories and nuances of their time, that play with the longing of the observer, who appears to be drawn into a thoughtful mood filled with eerie, dreamlike states-of-being while looking at his photographs.

"It's the fringes of the world that interest me, not its centre. My surroundings is my concern. When there is something in faces or landscapes I capture it..." says Lokesh Ohri who hails from Tamil Nadu, but is now settled in Germany. Ohri's photographs draw heavily from the socio-religious features of his state and the natural surroundings of his city.

The exhibition also showcases works by Dr Narendra Gupta. Though he is a medical practitioner, he has a keen eye for scenic beauty. He uses his aesthetic sense to build a repository of the cultural ethos of the country. Dr Gupta has captured mundane frames and given them a sense of mysticism by playing with light and shadow. "For me photography is like praying and being one with God. I like to portray the play of light in works," adds Gupta.

The idea of this photography show was conceived earlier this month. The Art Life Gallery is a unique institution of its kind in Delhi-NCR which is totally dedicated to promoting art and supporting young and upcoming artists.

Wanderlust, group art show begins
Art Life Gallery, noida shows art works by 12 artists
Noida, June 25

In the season of summer vacations and travel to cooler climes, Art Life Gallery has put up a 21-day group art show Wanderlust with 12 talented artists. The artists have let their mind wander into the dreamland. Drifting into imagination, the artists have painted mindscapes in various forms. The show will continue till July 16, 2016.

Prem Nayar along with Shankari Kundu, Vivek Singh, Dr Nishant Gupta, Ritu Chauhan, Aman Sekhon, Virender Kumar, Yash Verma, Neelam Sachan, Madhur Tyagi, Dr Chitra Singh and Nandita Bhargava.​

“Art is imagination and the artists’ life and their philosophy is reflected in the works, says Pratibha Agarwal, co-founder and ​director of the Art Gallery and curator of the current ​show.

Prem Nayar, who has painted the jacks and queens from a card deck says, “life is a big gamble and every stroke of luck is God’s gift which eggs me on to add more colour to my works.” Incidentally, Nayar migrated to India after the Partition, when he was a little boy.

​Shankari Kundu, who recently shifted​ to Delhi​ from Kanpur​ says, “I have some sweet memories​ which I have tried to put in my paintings.” ​

Dr Nishant Gupta, who is a practicing physiotherapist, reflects on his paintings in several ways. He says, “Art is a passion. Simply put, art is not about money only. It is about people, ideas, dreams and thoughts.”

“Art is more of a passion and like other businesses its purpose is not to make money only. Simply put, art is about people, ideas, dreams and thoughts. Indeed art that seeks only to churn profit will probably fail, especially during these economically difficult times. Perhaps no ingredient makes art thrive more than a sense of passion,” adds Agarwal.

I just love to paint, because it makes me realize that life is so beautiful and there is so much to admire and treasure in this world. It also gives me chance to explore new places and learn different cultures and traditions while meet new people that were born and live in different ways than mine. Furthermore, it does not only increase my knowledge but also helps me relax, says Neelam Sachan, who recently relocated to India from the Hague

​As Vivek Singh puts it "​For me, every travel experience teaches me something new and makes me become a better artist, which I keep​ reminiscing in my ​works.

​So, whether you travel in the outside world or you venture within, the beauty that comes out in colours is your treasure for life.