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We all are aware of the deteriorating state of our environment and also about the drastic climate changes on this Earth. But there are a few people who understand this serious concern and spread awareness about the same. One such person is Vivek Singh, a professional abstract expressionism painter and a skilled photographer from Delhi. Vivek has an army background and his family lived in Lahore at the time of the partition. He says that he is from everywhere and yet nowhere.

Born and brought up in the family of artists and engineers, Vivek inherited the artistic reflection from them. He started painting in 2006 and before that, he worked with HCL. He loved sketching portraits of people on paper and doodling on the tissue paper with black ink.

His father inspired him to take painting seriously so he joined Nrityanjali Institute, Noida in 2005 and got some guidance to improve the techniques of painting. With a full-time job, he got little time to draw and paint so he left his job and completely devoted himself to art. He started off with dry pastels on cartridge sheets and then he went on to acrylic on canvas.  

Vivek has showcased his artworks in various exhibitions and one of those is ‘Soul Chakra’ Organized by The Art Life Gallery. His paintings are mostly abstract and based on nature and landscape. The colors used in these paintings are acrylic and Faber Castle watercolor base paint for the texture. Mostly, there are bright and careful colors all mixed together in all the paintings.

“I don’t use oil colors as it takes a lot of time to dry and I don’t have that much of patience.”, shares Vivek jokingly.

He doesn’t plan what to draw in advance but goes with the flow in which the colors get mixed up. He uses his imagination to make different textures with acrylic colors. There are a lot of good artists who can repeat their paintings but Vivek can’t because each and every painting he makes, is unique. This uniqueness makes it difficult to replicate a painting made by him.

“The only thing I could copy in my painting is the doodle of a pine or oak tree and then, I draw a similar sketch of the same. But only sometimes. I term my paintings as a DNA print and once a painting is made, it won’t be repeated again.”, adds Vivek.

He has displayed six paintings in the ongoing exhibition and all are based on abstract expression and landscape. His artworks portray him as a true nature lover who creates distinguished paintings either to embrace the beauty of nature or to raise awareness about some serious concern.

In one of his paintings, he used firestorms to depict climate change and forest fires in Brazil, Amazon, and, Australia. The intensity of the colors shows the extent of damage it has caused to our Mother Earth. And in another one titled “romance of colors”, he has shown the colors dancing in their own music and are in their own play.

The other painting shows the scenes from the caves inside the layers of the Earth where the molten lava creates chaos. He has very beautifully shown the presence of water and sometimes lava inside the core of the Earth. 

Artist Vivek Singh is an inspiration to all the amateur artists who believe that they’re artistic and are willing to give up the craze for money to pursue art as a profession. He is following his passion and doing a great job of it. 

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